Certified Scrum Trainer Emeritus

Pentti Virtanen is a life-long critical thinker, dissident and change agent. He has a long experience of practical software design, development and leadership. He holds a Ph.D. on Computer Science and Certified Scrum Trainer Emeritus (CSTE) from Scrum Alliance.

Pentti’s thinking is based on experimentation culture and data. He is an advocate of decentralized decision making with people and teams. In a republic people make decisions with evidence, not the authorities.

Pentti’s academic journey finalized in his Pentti’s thesis “Measuring and Improving Component-Based Software Development” based on several papers about effort estimation and measurable productivity improvements in software development.

Pentti has been a blogger, influencer and Scrum community member. You can find his blogs from www.leandeveloper.com , leandeveloper.wordpress.com. He has actively participated Scrum Gatherings and other agile conferences. His view to managing product backlogs was presented in 2010 Amsterdam Gathering.