Agile or Death in Tampere

I had a talk with the title “agile or death”  in Tampere yesterday. We arranged that with Pitky.The idea for the title came from the car industry where the Americans have almost lost the came. Hummer survives still in Baghdad (news in Aamulehti), but its really Prius that leads the car industry. So, I wondered if the bureaucratic ICT companies can survive without becoming more lean and more agile.We had a good discussion, which is quite common in these kinds of happenings. One hint from the audience is worth of repeating. If you have 2 multinational sites, having a proxy person in the other site helps you a lot. For example,  you have sites in Finland and India. Having a guy from India in Finland makes the communication to India much better. Knowing the people in the other site and speaking the same language is really that important.


Anti-spam and lean software

The idea of starting this kind of a blog is several years old. I have several home pages in ISP domains. My old email-addresses have become known to spammers. As an example I can tell that I have a very cryptic email-address that was put on my default homepage. It has got 5000 spam messages during the last 4 years. I know that because I do not use that address at all. So, all messages are spam. Now, I have my own domain and I will not publish my email-address in any machine-readable format. I can also delete and create email-addresses if the spam becomes a problem. So rule for avoiding spam: never publish your email-address in web. The invented the name LeanDeveloper quite lately to express that this is a personal homepage but it has has something to do with the business I do. You can find more official me from Lean sofware development is something that I have always believed even though I did not know the name. On the other hand I have never believed that huge upfront investments on bureaucracy will eventually get paid.

Pentti Virtanen

Ph.D. , Software Engineering Specialist