Blogger’s Information Security

Let’s talk a little about my experiences with the first months of this blog. One of the most important reasons to start to use my own domain was to get rid of legacy email-addresses that gather a lot of spam. Changing my email-address everywhere was not as difficult as it sounds, because most of the incoming mail was from mailing lists that I have subscribed and they had means to change that address. Oddly enough, one of large economic magazines, Talouselämä, has a mailing list which has no way to cancel the subscription or I did not find it.

The amount of spam was actually less than what I had thought –  less than spam 10 mails a day. Filters are quite capable of classifying these as spam and the ones that get through are easy to spot visually. Hardest thing is to find people who send me email only few times a year. That requires a good address book and/or good scanning of your email database.

I have registered a lot of software during the last decades and some of them might want to contact me. At least one book store that I used more than 10 years ago, persistently sends their offers to me. These ones are quite close to spam, but there has been a real business relationship.

Starting a blog introduced me to another problem – comment spam.  Akismet spam filter is quite effective and in this blog I am afraid that some real comments gets filtered. I am sorry about that.  But still, a good comment has something to do with the post that you are commenting. Just, “I liked that”, does not.

Because I have had Russian at school, you can’t lure me with Kyrillic letters.I am an advocate of freedom of speech especially in Internet. See more about this topic in EFFI . So, I prefer anonymous comments without any emails and home pages. Links are considered harmful in information security point of view. So, I still welcome comments.