Anti-spam and lean software

The idea of starting this kind of a blog is several years old. I have several home pages in ISP domains. My old email-addresses have become known to spammers. As an example I can tell that I have a very cryptic email-address that was put on my default homepage. It has got 5000 spam messages during the last 4 years. I know that because I do not use that address at all. So, all messages are spam. Now, I have my own domain and I will not publish my email-address in any machine-readable format. I can also delete and create email-addresses if the spam becomes a problem. So rule for avoiding spam: never publish your email-address in web. The invented the name LeanDeveloper quite lately to express that this is a personal homepage but it has has something to do with the business I do. You can find more official me from Lean sofware development is something that I have always believed even though I did not know the name. On the other hand I have never believed that huge upfront investments on bureaucracy will eventually get paid.

Pentti Virtanen

Ph.D. , Software Engineering Specialist