A month gone

I started this blog more than one month ago. I have written almost nothing about lean and agile software development. I mean here, because I do that almost every day at work.. The main reason for starting a new domain was to get rid of spam. It means that I change my email-addresses. It was a surprise that I take part in so many mailing lists. Most of my email was actually not spam but mails that I hope to have time to read. Updating an email-address in Software Engineering World, ECOOP and so on was quite easy. Then I have bought a book or something 10 years ago and they still hope that I return. Finding all of them in my gigabyte of email might not be feasible. I don’t even try because I can find them again if needed. The same applies to registrations of products that I have bought. My one-time registrations are collecting spam to free anonymous mailboxes. No problems.I suppose that this all is done after summer.