Future of Agile is Lean  

When I started this site four years ago I wrote: "Global economic downturn has put the lean way of doing software development into focus. We must save and be effective. To be a winner when the economy turns back to growth requires also new better ways of doing our business. In market economy these times are for creative destruction - times to reorganize, change jobs and start to work in new ways. So let's take this challenge." This is still relevant and more so because agility is becoming mainstream and ideas of lean and kanban are popping up.

Lean thinking has been known for many years. Its exposure to software industry was started in the early 2000s. Agile developers were originally working with Extreme Programming and during the last year the Scrum escalation was the most important thing in this area. But the people are already thinking about next step. Lean thinking is an obvious choice because Scrum's empirical process control with retrospectives are not as effective as they could be. Finding out what went well and what should be improved is not easy without any ideas about what to look for. It is not just work with value-streams and eliminating waste but there is much more theoretical thinking about queues, work in progress, coordination and others.

I plan to keep this homepage quite small and put most of the content in the blog. I have not been very active writer and I am more and more using the blog as my notebook to keep track of the ideas that come to my mind during my daily activities. The initial idea of having a blog for marketing and promotion has not shown be a good one. 

References to my scientific papers are also here though I plan to keep this site rather practical and leave science behind the scene.

I decided to use my own photos, because finding good and surely free pictures  was so difficult. I took some photos in my backyard and posted one of them here. See the  clouds  on the top.